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Sirena Twister Air Purifier

Breathe Easy! Sirena Twister is a compact water-based portable air purifier that Freshens, Deodorizes, and Aromatizes the air in your home.

With its compact design and a choice of cap colors, Sirena Twister fits perfectly into any home or office interior. You can place your Sirena Twister virtually anywhere: nightstands, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, even on the floor!

While you only need tap water to use the Sirena Twister, you can greatly enhance your experience by adding a few drops of any of the Sirena Fragrances or the Ocean Breeze Deodorizer into the water.

Sirena Twister can also be used as a nightlight. Long-lasting, 7-color LEDs illuminate the water to produce soft shimmering light that fills the room.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Compact little machine!

Very nice compact little machine. Not so quiet, but still quieter than the sirena vacuum. It does pickup dust. We sanded some plaster and by the next day I had a residue in the bottom of the bowl.

Hi Bernadette, thank you for the amazing review and for the picture! Enjoy your new Sirena Twister in great health! ~ Team Sirena

Fresher Air

Started using about 3 weeks ago. Set it on my nightstand, noticed a difference in how I felt when I woke up the next morning! Did start using distilled water in it since I my well water is really "hard", makes cleaning easier!


This little gadget can quickly make a small area smell great! I just wish the scent lasted longer

I love this thing!

I absolutely love this purifier! It really does help to purify the air and I can use it at night as a white noise machine to help me sleep! I couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Wish I Could Turn the Light Off

We have Rainbow’s Rainmate and loved it in our toddlers room. So opted to try the Twister Air Purifier when we purchased our Sirena vacuum (which we LOVE) as it is much more affordable. I do like how the Twister purifies the air, the white noise, and using essential oils in it. However, we are not able to use it in our bedroom because you cannot turn off the lights and we are bothered by the constantly changing colors of the light throughout the night. Wish there was a function to turn off the light like the Rainmate. Would give it a much higher rating then.