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Sirena Vacuum Cleaner (Recertified)

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Upgrade to Sirena Recertified Complete Bundle

This special recertified Sirena offer includes:

  • Free Shipping (within the contiguous USA) ($65 value)
  • 1-year Warranty ($79 value)

Total bonus value: $144

- What does "Recertified" mean?

These are Sirena vacuums that were returned to us by their original owners for any reason. We thoroughly clean, repair (if needed), and test these units to ensure they operate normally. Recertified Sirena vacuums are equivalent in cleaning performance to brand new units but may have minor cosmetic damages (e.g. scratches, dents, paint marks) on either the main vacuum unit, the attachments, or both.

Recertified units include all standard Sirena attachments and hoses. This Recertified Sirena ships with an older model of the Sirena Power Nozzle.

IMPORTANT: only recertified Sirena units purchased from this website are covered by the 1-year manufacturer's warranty; recertified/refurbished units purchased from third-party sellers are NOT covered by our warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 701 reviews
Sirena Vacuum

LOVE IT! I use to own a Rainbow vacuum. I have wanted another one but could not afford it. My daughter bought a Sirena recently and raved about it. I immediately purchased one myself and absolutely love it. I really like knowing all the junk being picked up is going into water instead of a leaky bag. I also enjoy the feature of being able to place the container in any room, let it run with my favorite fragrance oil while cleaning the air. Fabulous product. I highly recommend it.

2 week update

So far I have been pleased with the Sirena and plan to continue to monitor how it does. We have very heavy shedding dogs, kids, new construction going on all around, dust constantly flying around, and so on. The purifying filtration with the deodorizers and water filtration technology is taking this on and doing a great job. I purchased the recertified one and if it lasts past 2 years I will feel like I got my monies worth for sure. We have been running this poor thing non stop sucking all the dirt and pet hair up along with freshening up the air and again, am very pleased. I will have to update my review after a few months to a year.

Love it

I received my Sirena about 20 days ago. As I have 6 dogs I have used it multiple times. I had a Rainbow years ago, and had wanted another one since I retired the one I had. The Sirena is MUCH less expensive, and seems to do everything the Rainbow did. I love it The floors get cleaner than they did when I was using my Dyson. I failed to get mine registered in time and regret that, but that’s what you get when you’re a procrastinator. Love my Sirena!!!


Sirena Vacuum Cleaner

Love it.

I have owned a Dyson, and a Rainbow. Couldn't afford a new Rainbow didn't want to go back to a Dyson. Found this by chance and I didn't waste any time in getting one. I have been so happy with it. My carpet is 41 yrs old in the main living area and even my kids have all noticed how much better they look. Feels cleaner, smells fresh, and the ability to clean up after pets is so worth it. Absolutely love it! Definitely would recommend!